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A/C System Maintenance

Many people undervalue the importance of regular maintenance. However, maintenance is the key to a long-lasting AC unit. At Nelson Air Conditioning & Heating, we recommend at least yearly maintenance checks. During a maintenance and tune-up service, we can inspect, test, clean, and replace the various aspects of your AC system, such as your:


  • Blower motor

  • Thermostat

  • Air filter

  • Condenser coil

  • Wiring

  • Fan blades

  • Ductwork

  • Compressor

  • Lines and fittings

  • Blower belt



Routine maintenance will ensure that your AC unit is in good shape, prevent minor issues from escalating, and help you save on potential repair costs.


And while professional maintenance checks are important, continual maintenance from homeowners can help even further. You can rely on us for tips on how to keep your AC unit in tip-top shape every day.

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